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The Raman Spectra are available as complete collection of 20001 spectra or as application oriented sublibraries.


The „Raman Library Complete Collection“ of 20001 spectra includes both Nicodom and ST Japan Raman spectra.


The Nicodom Raman spectra can be also purchased separatelly as „NICODOM Raman Library“ of 10160 spectra.


All spectra in the application oriented sublibraries are also present in the „Raman Library Complete Collection“ of 20001 spectra.


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Raman Library Complete Collection (20001 spectra)




NICODOM Raman Library (10160 spectra)


NICODOM Raman Inorganics (1939 spectra) sublibrary




Raman Sublibraries


Raman Polymers & Additives, 3412 Spectra


Raman Solvents, 1003 Spectra


Raman Food Additives & Food Packaging, 2451 Spectra


Raman Biochemicals, 4359 Spectra


Raman Flavors, Fragrances & Cosmetics, 2336 Spectra


Raman Pesticides, 1685 Spectra


Raman Semiconductor, 921 Spectra


Raman Forensic, 1731 Spectra


Raman Dyes, Pigments & Stains, 1364 Spectra


Raman Hazardous Chemicals, 4043 Spectra


Raman Toxic Chemicals, 1932 Spectra


Raman Pharmaceuticals, Drugs & Antibiotics, 2902 Spectra


Raman High Production Volume Chemicals, 1293 Spectra


Raman Excipients, 826 Spectra


Raman White Powders, 305 Spectra


Raman Coatings, 652 Spectra


Raman Paints, 1077 Spectra


Raman Environmental Pollutants, 361 Spectra


Raman Essential Oils, 401 Spectra


Raman Petrochemicals, 749 Spectra









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