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Raman Library Complete Collection (20001 spectra)


This Raman Spectra Database contains 20001 searchable Raman spectra.

This is the biggest commercially available Raman spectra collection on the market.

The spectra have been collected by ST Japan, Nicodom Ltd. and by other scientists in Japan and Europe.


Technical details:


Spectral range 4000 cm-1 to 200 cm-1

Databases can be chosen by spectral resolution: 1 cm-1, 2 cm–1, and 4 cm–1 (depending on your instrument)

Excitation laser wavelength for most spectra: 532 nm or 488 nm or 1064 nm.

Spectra of highly pure samples have been reviewed and evaluated

Spectrum information contains Name, CAS number, molecular formula, and additional information with most spectra (when available)


Compatible with all main Raman spectroscopy software formats.


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