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Nicodom Raman Library (10160 spectra)


Download (*.pdf) List of spectra for Nicodom Raman Library (10160 spectra)


The spectra were collected 2014-2018 by Thermo Raman DXR and NXR instrument.

Excitation Laser: 1064nm, 532nm

Spectral Range: 4000-100 cm-1 (some spectra 4000-50 cm-1)

Resolution: 2cm-1


This is a digital searchable library available in format directly compatible with your instrument (please specify the desired data format, contact us if your format is not



The library contains mostly spectra of organics, inorganic, polymers, dyes and pigments.


The typical sample information contains Chemical Name, Formula, CAS number and Manufacturer.


Number of Compounds and their Numbers:


956 Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds (NDR0001-NDR0956)

2382 Organic Compounds (NDR0957 - NDR3338)

666 Polymers and Polymer Additives (NDR3339 - NDR4004)

109 Drugs and Pharmaceutical Excipients (NDR4005 - NDR4113)

460 Dyes and Pigments (NDR4114 - NDR4573)

138 Art Materials (NDR4574 - NDR4711)

42 Agrochemicals (NDR4712 - NDR4753)

185 Suspect Powders (NDR4754 - NDR4938)

180 Essential Oils, Flavours, Fragrances (NDR4939 - NDR5118)

Download (*.pdf) List of spectra for Nicodom Raman Library (10160 spectra)






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